About Me

I’m a twenty-something craft nerd who sells jewelry to support my creative addictions.


My passion is creating handmade items that enrich daily life. I am married to a wonderful man who patiently supports my creative dreams and shares my quirky sense of humor. A few years ago we relocated to Birmingham, AL for me to attend graduate school and earn my Masters degree in Public Health. Since then we have fallen in love with the city and recently purchased our first house.By day I work for an electronic health records company but my nights and weekends are devoted to my creative business. I love thrifting, Pinterest, ice cream, and cuddling with my puppy dogs. In addition to making jewelry, I refinish furniture, knit, sew and make ceramics.

I have been making jewelry since I was a kid, adorning myself with neon beaded stretchy bracelets and intricately knotted friendship bracelets. I started selling my creations during college when I couldn’t afford craft supplies on my student budget. I began selling my jewelry on Etsy and at art festivals around 5 years ago and each year I find more wonderful events to attend. Some of my most popular pieces include leather beaded wrap bracelets, wire wrapped rings and natural cut gemstones with gold plated edges. I absolutely love hearing from customers and I invite you all to browse my website, follow me on social media and visit me at one of my upcoming shows!

- Bonnie